Looking behind the mask – Using attitudinal data to build relationships– Conference Sponsor Workshop – GL Education

We all wear masks to conceal our true feelings. Students may appear happy but what are they really thinking and feeling? Most assessments carried out in schools deliver the teacher’s perspective of the student – what have they achieved? What should we expect of them? Only by looking at things from a student’s perspective can we understand what they feel capable of, and determine what learning and pastoral support they may need.

Bernard Fawcett GL Education’s International Consultant will talk about how data from the Pupil’s Attitudes to Self and School survey can help teachers to see what students are really thinking and feeling behind the mask.

David Perkin Administrator – ICT Director at Saigon South International School will offer a case study of how they have successfully used data dashboards showing students’ attitudinal data to build relationships with students as part of their Project X self-directed study project.

Workshop Session 2
Location: High School C413 Date: January 26, 2019 Time: 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Language: Bernard Fawcett